Geeks of the North

Geeks of the North Episode 7 - All your base are belong to us

November 25, 2014

Hello Geeks!

This week, we chat with Yaum and Steve about the different ways and products available to base our miniatures. We also interview Studio Akaranseth's famous Mathieu Fontaine about the upcoming Northern Defenders Painting Contest.

Templecon, February 5th to 8th
ND Open VII & Northern Defenders Painting Contest, March 7-8th 2015

New Stone bases from Spellcrow
Mantic KoW 2nd ed KS running
Burn in Design's Dagger’s Reach, mdf medieval terrain
Shield Wolf new busts: goblin warrior and daemon warrior
Norsgard Kickstarter
Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale
Fallen Frontier KS Relauch

Bases segment
Army Painter tuft
Woodland Scenics
Shogun Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Dragon Forge Design
Happy Seppuku
Micro Art Studio

Northern Defenders Painting Contest interview
Mathieu Fontaine Studio Akaranseth
Northern Defenders Painting Contest FaceBook page
ND Open website

Shout out
Skull Bros Awesome podcast. Paul is stealing their lines; we should at least give them credit for it.
Lost Hemisphere's Templecon charity drive

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Break and outro music by La Drave.

- The Geeks