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Geeks of the North Episode 6 - Fantasy Fest & 9th edition wishlisting

November 11, 2014

Hello Geeks!

This week, we have Etienne and Alex from Fantasy Fest with us. After our usual banter, we talk about their upcoming event, and we also do some WFB 9th edition wishlisting.

Pirate Giant by Black Scorpion Miniatures

Fantasy Fest XVII, November 29th
Arcane Paintworks masterclass, December 6th-7th
ND Open VII, March 7-8th 2015

Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America™
Heavy Gear Blitz -War for Terra Nova- Miniatures Starter Set
Frontline Gaming small scale F.A.T. Mat
Dark Sword Miniatures New Range - Stephanie Law Masterworks
Zenit Miniatures Daidarabotchi and Sessho Seki
Privateer Press Hordes Trollboods Northkin Fire Eaters
Kingdom Death new Visionary

Fantasy Fest
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Creve mon Sale forum

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- The Geeks