Geeks of the North

Geeks of the North episode 46 - Season 2: We are back!

September 20, 2018

Hello geeks,

We are back! After a somewhat long hiatus from the main show, and a summer break from the News, we are back to the microphones with Season 2 of Geeks of the North. Our goal is still the same, provide you with some mildly entertaining background audio while you are hobbying, but in a shorter and less formal way. We are getting rid of most segments to go with a more freeform chat, while we are also hobbying. We are also fusing back the news to the regular show, and we will simply present a couple highlight releases. So once again, sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

AMPSA Ninja Bust Preorder Desert Dweller Unit

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Intro music is Aggressor by Free Stock Music.
Breaks and outro music by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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