Geeks of the North

Geeks of the North Episode 27 - Guild Ball

March 31, 2016

Hello geeks!

In this episode, Paul, Antoine and Yaum chat about their recent games and hobby, discuss good and bad gaming experiences, then mister host give us a tip for airbrush masking. In our main topic, we go over Guild Ball, the medieval mob football game that's taking over the miniature tabletop world right now. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

3:29 - Cool stuff on the web
7:58 - Hobby Time
48:27 - Hobby Tip
50:55 - Question of the Episode
1:09:40 - Main Topic: Guild Ball
2:08:55 - Closing

Cool stuff on the web
15mm Desert mesas board by 4Ground

Main Topic - Guild Ball
Official: website, Facebook, Twitter and forum.
Facebook: Guild Ball Supporters (fans)
Podcasts: Guildball Tonight, Who Cares Who Wins, Smashed Shins, The Kick Off
YouTube: Guild Ball Informer, The Battlehammer

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Intro music is Aggressor by Free Stock Music.
Background music in the main topic intro is Lord of the Land by Imcompetech
Breaks and outro music by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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