Geeks of the North

Geeks of the North Episode 1: Gen Con

August 25, 2014

Hello Geeks!

We're back from Gen Con, and episode 1 is out. In this show, we discuss hobby, upcoming local events, interesting news, and GEN CON!

Game Summit (WM/H Registration)
Arcane Paintworks masterclass

Gen Con
Badger Air-Brush & Co.
Brush 4 Hire
Ironbox Games
Games & Gears
Privateer Press
Ninja Division
Dropzone Commander by Hawk Warrgames
Heavy Gear by DP9
Impact Miniatures
Garagehammer Podcast
Smirk & Dagger Games
James Wappel's blog
Brendan Palmer of GMM Studio
Under Discussion Podcast
Bushido by GCT
Dark Sword Miniatures
Miniature Building Authority
UFS Megaman by Jasco Games
Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America
Duel Betwixt Us by Game Salute
Stonehaven Miniatures

Intro music is Aggressor by Free Stock Music.
Break and exit musics are Le Bone Setter and Catharsis by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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