News of the North - 2017-02-14

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Welcome to the February 14th, 2017 edition of News of the North. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

Chaosludik - Montréal [April 22nd-23rd]

[Willy Miniatures] Draconians
[Norba Miniatures] Lord of Fire
[Terrible Kids Stuff] - New Releases
[MOM Miniatures] New sci-fi range on pre-order
[Warlord Games] New Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromites and objectives
[CMON] New Wrath of Kings releases
[Privateer Press] New Warmachine and Hordes releases

Crowdfunding News
[M3Studios] Holy World themed resin 28mm scale cast terrain
[Labmasu] Eiffel Extravaganza - Paris 1896
Sacred Sword Miniatures - JRPG Styled Chibi Minis
[Nuclear Shrimp Games] Black Earth - Sci-Fi Miniature Wargame
[Dragon Bait Miniatures] Venus 1888 Woman at War
[GT Studio Creations] Orc Warband 30mm Miniatures
[Ridgeback Miniatures] 28mm Fantasy Miniature range Feral Orcs!
[3DArtDigital] Orc and Goblin Miniatures: From Digital Sculpture to Reality
[Impact! Miniatures] Kev Adams / Tim Prow Oldhammer Goblin Miniatures

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