News of the North - 2017-04-18

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the April 18th, 2017 edition of News of the North. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

[Games Workshop] Kharadron Overlords for Age of Sigmar
[Forge World] Castellax-Achea Battle-automata with Mauler Pattern Bolt Cannon
[Mindwork Games] Morbid Angel - PRE ORDER
[Shieldwolf Miniatures] New releases for the Krumvaal Northern Alliance: Shieldlord and Shieldmaiden/Rangers
[Hasslefree Miniatures] New Resin Master - Steve
[Fantasy Flight Games] RuneWars Miniatures Game
[Privateer Press] New Warmachine releases
[Wargame Exclusive] Sister Saint Celestia’s Trinity

Crowdfunding News
[Happy Games Factory] Burn Out - Fight, survive, evolve!
[Primogenesis] The Third Law - THE next generation science fiction wargame
The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game
[Twilight Game Designs TJ] Stars Reach space ship miniatures
[Knightmare Games] Greenskin Wars - The Hobgoblins!

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