News of the North - 2016-07-20

July 20, 2016

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the July 20th, 2016 edition of News of the North. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

Capital City Blood Bath (August 19-21)
Quebec City Open (Sep 23-25)

[Dicey Venture] Elemental Village 3d files available
[Knight Models] Marvel Universe Miniature Game rulebook now available for free online
[Ben Komets Miniatures] Hero of the Sky
[Metal King Studio] Relicblade Two player battle set now available
[Ninja Division] July releases
[Puppets War] Steam Club
[Hysterical Games] Panzerfäuste Unarmored Starter Set
[Warlord Games] Konflikt ‘47 on pre-order
[Freebooter Miniatures] Buzo

Crowdfunding News
[Wonderlands Project] Mauser Earth, Skirmish game: War for Paris
[Cryptozoic Entertainment] The Walking Dead No Sanctuary
The Holdude - Door Stopper, Dice Holder, Book Stopper
[Laser Shark Designs] The Hobby Transporter
[The Phalanx Consortium] Outbreak Survivor Miniatures
[Talon Games] CAV: Strike Operations II
[Willy Miniatures] Fantasy Football Dwarf Team
[White Tree Miniatures] Afterglow Miniatures Game: Forsaken
[Battlezone Miniatures] Raiders of Arcana - Faun Warriors
[Dark Gate Games] Vampire Hunters

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