News of the North - 2016-05-10

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the May 10th, 2016 edition of News of the North. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

Capital City Blood Bath (August 19-21)
Quebec City Open (Sep 23-25)

[Awaken Realms] Bell Crow
[Tor Gaming] Pre-Order: Vaettir Brocken
[TT Combat] Galaxy Building
[MOM Miniatures] New terrain: Dwarven statue, Elven accesories
[North Star Military Figures] New Frostgrave Captains
[Wyrd Miniatures] Malifaux May releases
[Infamy Miniatures] 54mm Dimension Hop Tesla pre-order
[Aradia Miniatures] Ganesh

Crowdfunding News
[Flags of War] New York Bop - Street Gang Warfare by Ghetto Miniatures
[Crossover Miniatures] Modular City Terrain Tiles and Fencing
[Crucible Crush] Flint and Feather Game System and 28mm Metal Miniatures
[Soulspryte Studios] Bloodstone Frontier

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